Office Building Escape Game

Office Building Escape

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The last thing you remembered was you were out with your friends. They were office workers and it seemed like they had a bad day at the office that they asked you to have some drinks with them. You were feeling a little down as well so you agreed to accompany them. You were planning to just a lot and not drink anything. They could be a handful when they were drunk and you felt the responsibility was yours to take care of them. However, the drinks were so tempting that you weren't able to stop yourself from drinking a glass. You thought they ordered the usual drinks you had. But they may have had such a rough day that they ordered a stronger drink. You weren't a very strong drinker and you even felt tipsy with just a glass of a light drink.

It didn't take long for you to lose your consciousness. You didn't know what happened after that but before everything went black, you saw your friends just laughing. They must've carried their drinks well and thought of letting you sleep in the office. You didn't want to be found there in your yesterday's cloths. Play Office Building Escape room escape game by Selfdefiant.

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