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Helios is moving through the galaxy in search for new lifeforms and of course enough information he can get which was present in all of the universe. At the moment, he is in a different solar system in the middle of some body of water on an island there. He is currently going around the place gathering data and just about anything interesting for him. Little did he know that the island there hides a pretty dangerous secret, and it will come to be known when he realized that he could not get back to the area where his ship was!

Helios soon realized he is now lost and he couldn’t get back to his ship! It was definitely very strange for him for he had never encountered something like this before, his sensors detected this strange thing almost immediately. Well anything can happen to every unknown place he will be going through, he just needs to get passed that so he can then move on to the next destination. Escape players, the place here is  easy to navigate, but the strange illusions is making it difficult so will you be able to help Helios in getting through this?

Octo is the newest point and click area escape game created by Dogtopius.

Walkthrough video for Octo


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3 months ago

It seems that the 1993 Cyan’s laurels do not let the Dogtopius programmers sleep in 2021. Well, a sort of online Myst for completely undemanding players is an interesting idea, of couse. But all is spoiled by the monstrous graphics and absolutely nightmarish navigation.