Ocean Shadow Escape Game

Ocean Shadow Escape

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The skies were clear and blue. The clouds were far from becoming rain and the sun's light was shining so bright. You felt it was the perfect day to ride your boat and explore out to the seas. Then in the distance, you saw your favorite island. You kept your direction straight to reach it. You wanted to stay there for a while to rest and just relax. Your boat touched the sand and seeing that the sea was so calm, you didn't bother to really check your anchor. You just immediately find your favorite snack bar to enjoy the treats there. Then you looked for a free bed by the shore to enjoy the beauty of the sunny day and the sea. You closed your eyes for a while when you noticed that there seemed to be something blocking the sun.

You thought someone was standing in front casting a shadow on you. But when you opened your eyes, you saw the shadows on the ocean. It wasn't from some mystical creatures or so you thought. They looked like huge clouds that brought in strong winds. Then you remembered your boat and you rushed to it. But you were a bit late. Play Ocean Shadow Escape outdoor escape game by NSR Games.

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