Ocean Secrets Submarine Game

Ocean Secrets Submarine

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After visiting the ocean park, you couldn't help but love the underwater world. You went home everyday to search for the best aquarium you could get. You likewise search for the prettiest fishes to include in your tank. Then you started a vlog about completing your tank. You show the process and struggles you were facing to complete it. One day, you received a message. It was a company inviting you over to join in the journey with their submarine. You couldn't help your excitement and you instantly said yes. The next day, you were at their location waiting to board the submarine. In your head, a song about the vessel kept playing and you couldn't help but hum along. You looked around for other visitors but it seemed you were the only one. You held up your camera as soon as you entered.

It was like stepping into another world. Then you saw the people inside giving you a suit and they shoved you down a chute. You closed your eyes and opened it to see the seafloor. The submarine settled at the bottom and you realized that you had to do something to help. Play Ocean Secrets Submarine room escape game by Kidzee Online Games.

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