Ocean Octopus Escape Game

Ocean Octopus Escape

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A giant octopus, size of two San Ildefonso type ships, dragged your precious Principe de Asturias under the water and crushed it like a paper boat. A creature that you thought only existed in myths and legends. Thanks to your unbelievable lung capacity and fast reflexes, you survived. Your ship was only the vanguard, the main armada will be here in any minutes. You can't let the same thing happen to them. If the octopus destroys them as well, the Portugese army will gain a momentum in the area and that would mean a huge loss for the Spanish treasury. You found out the reason why the creature's on a rampage. Her child, a little octopus stucked in a jar and can't come out. If you free him, his mother will calm down. Good luck!

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