Obtain The Locket Game

Obtain The Locket

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Before your grandfather left the town, he gave you something precious. He gave you a locket that's so dear to him. However, this is not an ordinary locket with pictures inside. In fact, what's inside is the key to his house. This means that he didn't only give you the locket, he also gave you the house. That's house generous your grandpa is. He loves you so much and he wants you to start your new life in this nice house. You really felt the love and got you teary eyes when he left the city. Now that he's gone, you are on your own. He thinks that you are big enough to handle yourself. But what he didn't know is that you are still immature sometimes. You held a house party last night and the mess it caused is massive.

The place is so topsy turvy. Everything is so messy including the drawer where your locket is. Now, the locket is not where you left it. You can't get out from this house without that locket. You have to Obtain The Locket in anyway possible. This brand new point n' click room escape game is from Enagames. Best of luck!

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