Obstinate Frog Escape

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The person who maintains the joy and the safety of the village here is Darius, he is a sorcerer and even though the place is under constant attack of the enemy, he works hard to maintain the place and keep the darkness out. But that day though Darius is now full hands-on, for one of his ingredients in-order to maintain the force-field which was covering the town, was out of his reach! What’s concerning too is the field about to expire and after that the place will be very much exposed.

Darius lost this very rare frog of his for it escaped! He really needs that frog right-now for the slime surrounding its body is a vital ingredient for the field here. Darius needs to find that frog right-now for those things are rare and he had a really hard-time getting it, plus it is very hard to catch and easy to scare, that factor will make the animal hard to capture or even find. Escape players, Darius needs to be delicate on his search here, for he might scare the animal and his chance then will be void again. Will you help Darius here so he can prepare the field before it goes down?

Obstinate Frog Escape is the newest point and click animal retrieval escape game created by Games 4 King.

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Walkthrough video for Obstinate Frog Escape

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