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Oasis House Escape
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Oasis House Escape is the newest point and click indoor escape game created by Ekey Games for 8b Games. Best of luck on this adventure here where you have to escape a house.

The small white houses along the beach is called the oasis house because of some specific reasons. One it is located in a beach which was kind of like in the middle of nowhere, and two it serves as a hint of civilization in that middle of nowhere. Aida was a guest there for the day and because it was a holiday, she can take her time until work calls her back again. It's a bit strange though for it is a non-working holiday, but it seems that she is the only resident in the sets of houses here. It's just weird but well, more for her she said.

Aida was enjoying her stay and the ocean breeze from the nearby shore is just refreshing, much better than sniffing car exhaust all-day. Unfortunately, she shouldn't have gone too relaxed now for when she checked the door so she can leave to the beach, she noticed that it seems to be locked. That's another weird thing, here's the next for she locked for her keys right after, but they were gone! Okay now she went to this place to relax, not to solve some puzzle here but escape players, this is what you came for. Care to join with Aida here and see if you can help her with her problem and have some escape fun for yourself too? Have fun then!



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