Nut Eater Escape From Forest

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Berry’s house in the forest is always being raided by animals especially rodents. Sometimes there were bears and deer but those are easy to shoo, unlike rodents when you shoo them they just come back later. In-fact that day, some sort of rodent creature just got trapped in one of his structures there and the creature is just ravaging in it trying to get out! Well how did it get in there in the first place?

Berry is going to get that animal out now whatever it is before it destroys more of his stuff in there in its rampage, it’s worst now for it is where he keeps all of his power tools and those are very valuable here, if it chews on a wire there or something then he’ll have to repair that power tool. Escape players, Berry is going to have a little problem with this one, for he currently doesn’t know where he placed the keys to that power-tool house of his and he tried to find it but he really couldn’t. Would you help-out on this everyone and see if you can find that key so he can free the trapped animal?

Nut Eater Escape From Forest is the newest point and click animal rescue escape game created by Games 2 Jolly.

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Walkthrough video for Nut Eater Escape From Forest

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