Nursery Garden Game

Nursery Garden

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You bought a large piece of land. However, you were fond of living in a very big house especially since you were living alone. So you made a house just enough to fit everything you needed. Then the rest of the space was made into a garden. Your favorite part of which was the nursery. This nursery housed the baby plants that would soon make your space greener and healthier. You worked hard to maintain the soil quality and the temperature of the area. You likewise made your own experiments to see which would make your plants grow even healthier. Some of them succeeded. But you also couldn't avoid failing. All of these taught you to keep on trying to figure out what to do best with the other plants. You liked working alone in your nursery although visitors could come by rarely.

You were working on new methods for your plants. However, you were having a hard time going back and forth with the materials you needed. You remembered your friend came by yesterday. And working on the nursery perked her up. But she may have forgotten to return the things where they should be. Play Nursery Garden room escape game by First Escape Games.

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