Nose Less Pink Monster Escape

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The village was seriously thinking about this roaming pink blob and nose-less monster and people are getting uneasy of it. What did the monster do to them anyways? It’s harmless and lives day to day for its survival, guess the people there base their judgment on the looks of a creature if it’s safe or not. As a villager there, Pio knows that the creature is harmless for he interacts with it, he just loves life that’s all no matter what the shape it takes. But that day though it seems the villagers have crossed the line, for they captured the monster and lock it up!

Pio found that out later in the day just when he got back from work, okay he thought this had gone too far, so for this he is not going to bother explaining the villagers there anymore of his thoughts, he is just going to do something about this and in his mind he’ll just get the creature out of that thing and probably bring it far away from here. Escape players, Pio needs to be stealthy here, for if he is found freeing the creature then he is surely getting prosecuted. Will you help him then so he can carry-out this thing and safely for the monster as well as him?

Nose Less Pink Monster Escape is a new outdoors rescue escape game developed by Games 4 King.

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Walkthrough video for Nose Less Pink Monster Escape

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