Norway Rat Rescue Game

Norway Rat Rescue

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Tyler lives deep in a simple house in the forest and he is being accompanied by his little pet rat and it looks like just a normal rat, but it has a different tinge to its fur though like cream and is very gentle. Tyler's rat however was not a typical one when it comes to thinking, for it is very smart and Tyler makes-use of such a talent of that rat whenever he goes into the forest and finds edible tubers, potatoes, truffles, and other stuff under the ground. His rat can immediately sense the produce under the ground and it's good eating then right-after. One day however, Tyler was about to take his pet rat out for another adventure but as he checked, he found the animal gone!

Not gone gone, but missing and Tyler could not find it anywhere! Normally it wouldn't run from Tyler for he takes good care of the animal and it knows that, and also he protects it so that it won't get caught by birds of prey like owls and eagles. Still Tyler is getting very concerned of what might have happened to that rat of his and to his surprise, something actually did happen to it and Tyler is going to need some help on this one! Escape players, want to join Tyler here and see if you can help him with whatever happened to his cherished pet rat?

Norway Rat Rescue is the newest point and click animal rescue escape game from 8b Games and Games 2 Mad.

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