Noodles Boy Xiang Escape

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Your friend Mei really needs help now, for she couldn’t do anything about her son’s addiction. Well it’s kind of different than the usual ones, for this addiction is a noodle addiction! It was definitely different, but Mei have done everything she can to stop her son for if he keeps eating these things all day long then he is definitely going to ruin his health. Okay, maybe you can help here, for as a psychologist with a specialty for addictions, maybe a first step now can be done here. But little did you all know that you will have to accomplish something first before the therapy can begin.

You arrived at Mei’s house and once again, her son Xiang is at it! He had locked himself inside his room and is now consuming a bowl of noodles! Okay, you recommended to leave him alone for a bit and let him finish his bowl, but his mother doesn’t look good though so you decided to help now. Escape players, you are now Mei’s friend here and Xiang her son is not getting out of that room. Okay, will you be able to help here by at least finding the key to that door? Slowly with this then, for you all don’t want to pressure the kid, because such pressures could ruin the therapy.

Noodles Boy Xiang Escape is a brand new point-and-click indoor rescue escape game released by 8b Games.

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Walkthrough video for Noodles Boy Xiang Escape

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1 year ago

Three clock faces “solution” makes no sense at all. Otherwise, great.