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Non Stop 02

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Paolo successfully escaped from the mansion filled with puzzles which he entered for a discovery, he thought to himself he'll never do something like that again, but he did have a thrilling experience and with him are some of the items he took which otherwise won't be taken by anybody for they are all staying away from the place. But as Paolo was moving out of there however, another problem showed itself and it wasn't at first, until unfortunately it was.

Paolo followed the path leading away from the mansion but as he continues, he slowly realizes that it is not heading back to the town and the end of it was a really old farm and he can tell for the houses there are all made of wood and the timbers of it all are blackening, it's signs of old age. Now where was he really? Paolo called for help but it seems that there is nobody around, or maybe they are just hiding from him. Paolo needs to go back and find another way which can lead him to where he came from right-now, it's getting dark and he doesn't want to stay anywhere especially there for it is giving him the creeps. Escape players, come and join Paolo here once again as he escapes from another situation which he accidentally got himself into.

Non Stop 02 is another new point and click old farm escape game made by First Escape Games. This game is a continuation of the first game as the start of the series.

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