Ninja Boy Escape

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It was only a few days ago when you heard about the last ninja. It was so interesting yet at the same time saddening. This was part of a culture of one of your favorite country and to see it get lost in time was just devastating. You kept on thinking about ninjas these past few days. You thought it would have been very cool if you trained to be a ninja starting from a very young age. So you could have at least helped in preserving it. While thinking about this silently in your room, you heard a soft thud. You thought it was just some things getting knocked over by the wind. But then you realized your room was air conditioned. You looked around for possible sources but you couldn’t find one. You walked out into your living room carrying your phone with you. 

Nothing seemed to be out of place as well. But when you looked at the screen of your phone, you saw a reflection of a ninja boy in your ceiling. You almost screamed your heart out but he immediately went down and apologized. He said he wasn’t from this time and age and he badly needed your help. Play Ninja Boy Escape room escape game by 8b Games.

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