Newfangled Robot Escape Game

Newfangled Robot Escape

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One night a few months ago, Lindon witnessed a strange objects falling from the sky and he was the only one who witnessed it in his village for when he went to where it landed which was just nearby, he was the only one there. That's where Lindon found a friend who will change his life forever! Lindon found a damaged robot but it wasn't too mangled though that it wouldn't work. Lindon so happens to be a great inventor in technology as well as a mechanic and through that he helps his small community. So he used everything that he has and all he knows to try and get the robot to work again and to his success it did and for months on end Lindon tried his best to repair more of the robot's parts.

Lindon still doesn't know what the robot really is and where it came from, but he is slowly making progress and for now the robot was able to walk on its own, which was a bad thing actually for one day the robot managed to escape from his home and now was roaming around the village! This is not good for the robot is not ready yet for the outside world! Looks like the tin-can is starting to get mischievous. Lindon needs to get it back before something bad happens to it, escape players will you help-out on the retrieval of the robot somewhere in the village where Lindon lives? Come try this game here then from Games 4 King!

Newfangled Robot Escape is the newest point and click retrieval escape game from Games 4 King.

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