New Year Traditional House Escape Game

New Year Traditional House Escape

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The house shall follow tradition again by being decorated with new year trinkets, Gwen's family tends to follow that tradition and because she was in-charge of the decorating, she had done a lot throughout the week before the family comes over for the holiday. Gwen cleaned everything from dust to cobwebs and even some of the trash there which hadn't been taken-out last year! Guess her brother who was in-charge of last year's celebration didn't do a pretty good job at cleaning. Gwen cleaned that too and in no-time, she was done with no major snags. Well, yet for when she checked everything there, a problem seems to be on and she has no answers at all about that!

Gwen seems to be trapped in the house now for when she tried the doors even the back, all were locked and she has no idea what happened! Gwen has no company here at the moment and that can explain that nobody else did this but probably her, but she didn't. And also that fact means she will have no help in there at all! Escape players, imagine you are Gwen here, how will you be able to escape the house without destroying anything?

New Year Traditional House Escape is a brand new point and click indoor escape game from Big Escape Games.

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