New Year Suspense Game

New Year Suspense

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Holidays, especially New Year always made you felt nervous. It seemed like something not good was about to happen. You couldn’t get rid of the butterflies in your stomach and your palms and foot were getting sweaty. During this time of the year, you would focus yourself on something that could take your attention away from the holiday. You would look for some old movies that could give you comfort. One of the movies you couldn’t miss during the holidays was always about a child left alone in their house. You never get tired of watching it. It gave you the comfort that no matter what happened, they would turn out well. But one New Year somehow gave you the permission to be nervous. A stranger handed you a piece of paper containing some instructions. He didn’t say what would happen if you wouldn’t follow them.

However, your mind was already racing somewhere about the results if you wouldn’t do anything about it. So you looked through each instruction and tried your best to follow them. Then again, it wasn’t very easy. Some things could get tricky and needed your whole attention to get through the suspense. Play New Year Suspense room escape game from Mirchigames.

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