New Year Party Restaurant Escape Game

New Year Party Restaurant Escape

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It is not the best time for you to be out partying. You stayed up very late last night to finish your tasks. Then you woke up early this morning so you can get to work early and prepare the venue for the conference. After that, you're given an assignment to have the approval of your client for your future clients. You traveled very far just to have them sign the documents. You just got back from them when your friends call you to have a New Year Party with them. One of your friends owns a restaurant and you'll be having your dinner there. Even though you feel like going home to rest, you choose to spend time with them even for a few hours. Your talks continued until very late at night. You keep on yawning and trying to hold your head up.

But sleepiness gets the best of you and you end up sleeping. It's a very comfortable sleep as you are sleeping between your friends. You wake up after a while to see the restaurant deserted. You call your friends but they may have dozed off very well. It's your friend's restaurant and you know you're free to explore and find a way out. New Year Party Restaurant is a room escape game by Knf Games.


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