New Year Find The Shoe Game

New Year Find The Shoe

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There had been a new year thief in Ronald's house and it's just in time when he saw the thief trying to get one of his expensive shoes! After the thief saw him, the man quickly bolted bringing with him one of the shoes and who knows what else. So Ronald went on the chase for the guy and he was gaining! But he stopped at some point however, for the guy threw the shoe somewhere and that got Ronald to go after the shoe rather than the thief.

How did the guy even entered his house anyways? Looks like it's time to change the locks now, but first Ronald must find the shoe which the thief had thrown in some pile of snow around the neighborhood's houses before it gets colder and dark. Escape players, Ronald needs help here to find his missing shoe so things can be quicker for that footwear is not at all cheap and even has sentimental value. Will you all be able to find that missing shoe somewhere in the snow?

Come and test your skills here now through the cold and snow! New Year Find The Shoe is another new point and click item retrieval escape game made by Top 10 New Games.

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