New Year Find The Greeting Card Game

New Year Find The Greeting Card

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Ian had traversed the forest path for 30 minutes just to give the mail of the village which is situated at the end of the forest path he was taking, he has to complete that job for it is not easy to get there especially when he has a lot of deliveries that he needs to finish after. Ian had sent everything in his bag for everyone in the small village, there is one last thing that needs to be delivered and it was a greeting card. Ian is almost there at the address when suddenly, a huge gust of wind swept him and forced his eyes to close because of the dust! Ian stopped but when the wind was over, he realized that the wind brought something from him as well!

Ian lost the greeting card and he really knows that the wind had taken it, well he can't just leave that card to fate, he must find it and he needs to give it to the receiver for his duty as a mail-man is really important to him. Escape players, Ian needs help here for that greeting card is nowhere to be found but he knows it didn't get too far, will you help him so he can continue along with his job?

New Year Find The Greeting Card is the newest point and click item retrieval escape game created by Top 10 New Games.

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