New Year Find The Flower Game

New Year Find The Flower

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The new year flower is such a strange thing, for it never wilts and Ericson who had found it somewhere in the forest before, have taken-care of it for a couple of years now and it never seizes to amaze. There is one very noticeable thing about it though, that it flourishes greatly every new year and then back it goes to a static state when it is over, it does it again when a new year comes. It's very weird and that is why Ericson had called the flower of course simply the new year flower. He keeps it safe for obvious reasons somewhere deep in his house which nobody can get their hands on it but at the same time the sun sees it too. But that day however as a new year was coming, Ericson went to his kept flower to see it bloom once again, but that's not what he found however.

Ericson did not find his flower where it is suppose to be and really it's nowhere to be found! He really had a great hunch that somebody had taken it, but how did he or she ever got out of the house undetected? Maybe it's just somewhere which is quite impossible and well that is the first thing that he needs to do. Escape players, that flower is very strange and those qualities can assure it to be of value, will you help Ericson here find it in his home before it is lost forever?

New Year Find The Flower is another new point and click item retrieval escape game made by Top 10 New Games.

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