New Year Find The Cracker Box Game

New Year Find The Cracker Box

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The boss of the building decided he'll give his employees a challenge and it's not totally strange that he does that, he gives this kinds of activities sometimes especially during big celebrations just to keep the workplace fun and all. As an employee there, Carrie of course will join and the challenge for this year was going to be an item retrieval one. A set of items will be on everyone's list and each one has a value to it, everyone must find any item in the list around the entire office building and clues will not be given for all of it.

Carrie was more than ready when the challenge began, but hour by hour items are getting crossed-out on the list until one of the last items remain. One of the items were a cracker box and that's the item Carrie was aiming for! She really needs to get it first to ensure that she'll receive a price from the boss, but for that to happen she must be quick and open-minded. Escape players, want to join Carrie here on this retrieval in the office for a hidden cracker box? Go ahead then and give it a go!

New Year Find The Cracker Box is the newest point and click item retrieval escape game from Top 10 New Games.

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