New Year Fantasy Village Escape Game

New Year Fantasy Village Escape

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The beautiful village located in the forest is now open once again to take in an amount of visitors for it's new year! Visitors like John doesn't know the exact reason why they only do this every year and only on the first days of it, some say it's because there is no other day and the rest of the year the village will be busy with their celebrations, and so John visited again for not only it is an adventure, but the place is also relaxing.

John had been doing this for a few years now and things haven't changed, well for the bad side and for the good one however, it just keeps getting better and better. John had some real fun in there even though his friends didn't come with him, but the next morning when he already planned to leave however, he realized something and he thought to himself, it's not only good he'll experience there on this recent visit of his. John somehow got lost in the village and now he cannot navigate well! It was very weird, for normally he can but it seems there are some things blocking his way and he needs to adjust, but that adjustment only led him into some trouble there now. Escape players, want to help John here escape the village before he gets a bad impression of the place?

New Year Fantasy Village Escape is the newest point and click area escape game created by Games 2 Rule.

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