New Year Eve Party Escape Game

New Year Eve Party Escape

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The Christmas house has new decorations which are now for new year, well nothing has changed really except the house has more colors and lights now. People have been coming and going there lately and because the place is actually a mansion, it can accommodate everyone. Still the place needs a bit of repairs due to foot-traffic and minor damages, and that's what is Justine who is the repairman there is early in the morning in for. The damages are pretty minor, not that Justine cannot fix, but he needs time as he does his thing.

Justine was really finishing the task he was given, and when he was able to finally finish, another one borrowed his attention but it wasn't a task however, it was more of a problem. Because the place was closed in the morning for such repairs, nobody is in the house, in other words there was nobody there to help him as well for right-now, he is trapped! Escape players, want to help Justine here escape for it seems that the doors are now locked and he doesn't know why. He needs to find another way out of there and there has got to be one, go ahead and give him a hand then.

New Year Eve Party Escape is another new point and click indoor escape game made by Fun Escape Games.

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