In the New Year Boulangerie Escape, the Boulangerie is the best place to get baked goods.

New Year Boulangerie Escape

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The boulangerie or bakery is packed with people doing a last minute shopping. Because New Year’s Eve is just a few hours away, you’re hoping that you could stay at home to prepare. The owner calls you and this chaos is what you found an hour ago. While getting orders, you suddenly remember you’re doing this for the  money. The owner promises to double your rate per hour just for today if you’ll help out. Your pace quickens. You’re simply the fastest at what you do.

Getting orders from five to seven people at a time, your co-workers handles the cash register. You’re whizzing by the french breads, to the eclairs, and packing pastries like a pro. This time, you’re taking out freshly bakes good from the back kitchen. Three other bakers are working overtime and handing you what you need. You’re just going too fast that you tripped and fell down the basement. Your ankles hurt and you can’t get up. Help!

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Walkthrough video for New Year Boulangerie Escape

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