New Year 2019 Escape Game

New Year 2019 Escape

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Your friends were always the ones preparing the party for the New Year celebration. You wanted to make a difference starting this New Year. So you offered to prepare for the party. Your friends were surprised and pleased to hear you say this. Actually they were both worry and happy. They didn’t know how you would do it when you never even helped them out before. But they still wanted to see your creations. So they let you work on it alone. You prepared a long list of things to prepare coupled with notes from your research. You could overthink things most of the time but it helped you feel assured of the quality of your work. It was a real challenge for you to gather the materials needed and cook the food that you’d be sharing but you felt like it would all be worth it.

You finished everything just half an hour before the party. Everything looked good and in place. You just needed to open the entrance so your friends could take a look at your work. However, when you were about to do so, you couldn’t. Play New Year 2019 Escape outdoor escape game made by 8b Games.

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