After The New Year Party Escape Game

After The New Year Party Escape

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The last year of 2017 is really fun! The New Year’s party is awesome. However, the aftermath of it is not that good. It’s a mess everywhere. You can’t see a clean corner in the room. You kinda regret that you threw the party in your house. But this is not the time to be grumpy. It’s the first day of the New Year so you should be positive towards everything. Before you leave the house, you have to clean up the mess first. This is the thing that you really need to do because the key that can open the door is behind this mess. Because of that, you have to start right and dig into the trash from the party if you can to escape from the room. On the good note, there are clues and hints everywhere that can help you to solve this one.

Not only that, there are also useful items that you can pick in the room. Those things can definitely help you to solve the puzzles so you have to collect those. Play After The New Year Party Escape room escape game from Genie Fun Games and use your logic to escape. Good luck!

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