New Island Escape Game

New Island Escape

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You discovered a disappearing island just an hour away from the shore where you live. It was an accidental discovery. You were learning to control your boat when a huge wave sent you off course. In your desperate attempt to get back on land, you made the boat turn in circles. By doing so, you lost your sense of direction and moved farther away from the shore. However, in the distance you saw land. Whatever that place was, you just wanted a place where you can rest for a while. So you anchored your boat and lied on the sand. You fell asleep because of exhaustion. Then after a few hours, you felt the water almost entering your nose. So you looked around and saw the whole island submerged in water. You instantly stood up to look for higher ground. But water covered every land.

You looked around for your boat. Yet it was washed away already. So instead, you looked for trees to climb until the water lowered down. In the distance, you saw another boat. However, it wasn't able to notice you. So you just have to do everything you can to leave this island. Play New Island Escape outdoor escape game by Yolk Games.

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