New High School Escape Game

New High School Escape

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The new school is going to open soon and as a person who works there as a janitor, Samuel needs to arrange everything there and prepare the facilities for the students next-week, but as Samuel is doing his job inside one of the classrooms there after cleaning the entire hallway which was very long, Samuel accidentally fell asleep in one of the chairs for a few minutes and when he jolted back up! He remembered he needs to keep working but there was a problem however, for he can no longer escape the room because the doors seems to be locked!

Samuel was confused what was going-on and the first thing he thought was his fellow janitors noticed he was sleeping and then they locked the door, like a prank but it seems unlikely for when he called for them, nobody would respond. Looks like Samuel needs to escape from the place here on his own without destroying anything, escape players will you help Samuel here escape from one of the rooms in the school?

Try your skills and logic here on this escape everyone, stay calm but wise. New High School Escape is the newest point and click room escape game created by Games 4 Escape.

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