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Neon Room Escape

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Neon Room Escape is a brand new pint and click escape game from Fun Escape Games for more fun escape adventures in a room filled with weird colored lights. Enjoy!

The neon room is a huge house which is more like a museum than a place just filled with different shades of light from violet to red. The place is quite luxurious thanks to its designs and how huge it was, but not all people found it artistic however, others find it creepy and indeed the place was rumored to be haunted, but not active enough that it could keep the visitors away. One day, Marco came to the place to pay it a visit and because he is a photographer, he might capture some great effects of light which he can then use to advertise the house. Little did he expect that he'll capture more than just mere shots there.

Marco was roaming around the house until he found an area devoid of people, perfect now he can get some pics without disturbance. After he was done, he left that area but sadly though and mysteriously, he couldn't! Marco seems to be trapped and a bit lost in the area here without anyone, and because of that fact he couldn't get any immediate help. He needs to keep focus for the lights here are really messing his perception, escape players you can try the colorful house escape with Marco, place yourself on his situation and good luck with the escape adventure.

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