Neighbor Chamber Escape Game

Neighbor Chamber Escape

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Neighbor Chamber Escape is point 'n click game from The Escape Games. Imagine you are a worker of a company which deals with spilling insect-killer powder around the houses. One day you got a phone call from one of your best friends. He asked you to go and repel the mosquitos from a bush next to the house which was supposedly the harbour of this annoying insects and every night they assaulted the house with the temptation of your blood. When you arrived he left to the supermarket until you finished your job undisturbed. You were working there for hours when suddenly you realized you run out of the chemicals. You wanted to get out to the garden to refill your tank but found the entrance locked. You called your friend to learn what was behind this but he didn't pick up the phone. Find hidden objects and solve puzzles to make your way out. Good luck!



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