Naughty Pup Escape Game

Naughty Pup Escape

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Your pup is definitely the cutest. However, he can get naughty sometimes. He always wants to go outside even though it's already late. He never wants to stay inside your house but as an owner, you have to teach him good values. You always try to make him obedient but you failed so many times. But even though your dog is so naughty, you still love him. So now that he's lost, you will do everything just to get him back. You were sleeping when he found a way to escape from the room. You don't know where he is but there are traces and clues that can help you to locate him. The animal control service is very active in this town. You don't want him to end up in the dog pound so you have to find him as fast as you can.

There are items along the way that can help you to find your pup. You have to collect those items to solve this puzzle quicker. You should not waste any time so you should start right now. Play Naughty Pup Escape outdoor escape game from Games Zone 15 and help your pup to find his way. Good luck!

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