Naughty Dog Escape

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Sandra’s dog here is one hyperactive thing, it’s small but is quite a powerhouse. She treats the small thing delicately for she is the toy kind, but she acts like a hunting and attack one though. Sandra could not control her that’s why at times she just lets her frolic around the village for if she doesn’t get that then she destroys stuff inside the house.

That day her dog was out and about again, but it got quite longer than usual though and still her dog was still not home. Probably still frolicking with other dogs there. But she cannot deny that she is worrying about her dog there, for she thought what if it’s in danger and she needs help? Well she isn’t wrong about that though, for when she finally decided to go and find her, she found her dog trapped inside one of the abandoned houses! It’s a good thing her dog barked when she passed by, otherwise she would not have found her. Okay, now how is she going to get her out of there? Sandra could not find a path where she potentially entered and that’s why she is having a problem here. Escape players, want to help Sandra with this so she can get her dog safely out the soonest?

Naughty Dog Escape is a brand new point and click pet rescue escape game from Games 4 King.

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Walkthrough video for Naughty Dog Escape

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