Naughty Crane Escape Game

Naughty Crane Escape

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People have gone through adventure to adventure in the forest just to capture this naughty crane which was quite clever and definitely not easy to catch. One day, one of the villagers there living in the area and was also menaced by the crane, and that was Adam and he decided to finally capture that bird and maybe bring it somewhere else for it is really causing some damage to their crops there and constantly enters houses and being curious. And so, off Adam goes but he never expected that day however he'll be doing something else with that crane and it's somehow the opposite.

Adam found the crane at last! He knew it was it for the animal had a distinct color to it, but it was currently in some trouble though for it got caught in something and it is not his trap definitely. Adam quickly felt pity to it for the animal is just struggling to escape and survive, maybe he'll do something else there? Adam pondered. Maybe he can take care of the animal and train it not to be a menace in the villages? That could work, but first he needs to get the animal out from where it is trapped and then worry about the rest later. Escape players, want to help Adam here rescue the infamous crane in the area?

Naughty Crane Escape is a brand new point and click animal rescue escape game from Games 2 Rule.

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