Naughty Baby Escape Game

Naughty Baby Escape

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Check this fun rescue attempt here out for a trapped baby! Naughty Baby Escape is the newest point and click rescue escape game created by 8b Games. Best of luck!

Jane came to the suburbs again for she got called by her friend who has a baby and she wants her to babysit for a while as she finishes her errands in the city. Jane absolutely obliged for she had grown fond of the baby because of the little-one's antics and hyperactivity. And so Jane's job started and she is really keeping an eye of the kid for that one just won't rest the entire day, Jane however had a pretty short endurance and she accidentally fell asleep! This is not good for something did happen to the kid under her care.

The baby crawled inside one of the rooms in the house and after that, the door somehow got locked behind! The first thing Jane heard then in her sleep was the scream of the baby from behind the door that got closed locked. That definitely got Jane to burst out of the couch and to the rescue she went! But there was a problem though, for she tried the same door and unfortunately, she could not open it. She is definitely going to get in-trouble here with the mom, even though she is her friend, she will most likely get protective with her kid and Jane doesn't want anything to happen to the youngster. Escape players, Jane here is really going to get that baby out before it gets hurt and that's definitely a no no. Care to join in with her and see if you can all get the baby out safely? Go ahead then and have fun with us daily.


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