Nature Street Escape Game

Nature Street Escape

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You were able to reach the flower road yet but you found the Nature Street somewhere nearby. You thought it was worth the walk while working your way towards the flower path. It was a newly developed part of the city. Your friend was one of the planners and he consulted you a lot about the plants they should include here. You liked plants although you have a hard time naming all of them and picking out the specific species you wanted. Yet your friend was very patient and met with you every time he had some free time just to talk about the plants. You wanted to ask him why he was so interested in the kinds you like but you stop yourself every time. Finally he was able to get the right amount of plants to be planted on Nature Street.

He invited you to be one of the first few people to experience nature in the city. You gladly accepted his offer. There you witnessed how they beautifully arranged the plants you chose. However, while wandering around, you slowly lost your way. You saw a note saying this was part of a research and that you had to find your own way out. Play Nature Street Escape outdoor escape game by Games 2 Rule.

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