Nature Fruit Forest Escape Game

Nature Fruit Forest Escape

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Nature Fruit Forest Escape is a brand new point and click wilderness escape game from WoW Escape. Enjoy this adventure here everyone from a lush place.

The forest was once a place not so fruitful for humans, that's because there are less wildlife there and most of the fruiting trees there are pretty scarce, what's living in the place are hardwood and trees that bare fruit which are not edible for most animals including humans. But one day an enchantment bloomed in the area and that changed the place forever. The land became filled with fruits which mysteriously just appears in different corners of the forest-floor randomly and it is still unexplained why that happens. One day, Brendan wanted to experience the weirdness of the place why that was happening, but it's not just fruits appearing from places are the forest's talents, there is another and that brought Brendan to a disadvantageous position.

Brendan saw it with his own eyes that the fruits are definitely appearing out of nowhere! But that other quality of the forest however were illusions, those illusions will get anyone lost and that unfortunately became the fate of Brendan. Okay, now he needs help here escape players and quickly too before it gets dark and he'll definitely get in more trouble there. Care to join us and lend Brendan a hand? Go ahead then and enjoy the forest!

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