Nature Escape Game

Nature Escape

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The very lush and green forest where Jason is at is very beautiful, but make no mistake for Jason is currently not having so much fun there. Jason was suppose to go on a leisurely hike to the forest but now he seems to be lost! At least there are human signs everywhere and it makes the situation less stressful, but some are very old and there are clearly no other humans there except him, soon it will be dark and the predators then will prowl. That's one main factor why Jason is hurrying to escape, another one is that he only has enough gear to prepare him a grueling night in the place and he doesn't want that.

Escape players, will you help Jason here escape from the wilderness before he gets even more stuck there or make a mistake and bring himself deeper into the forest? Place yourself on the shoes of Jason then everyone and help him out using the best of your skills and logic. Do this quickly but surely before darkness falls.

Ready yourselves on this escape adventure everyone from a vast forest. Nature Escape is the newest point and click wilderness escape game from Selfdefiant.

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