Nature 01 Game

Nature 01

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Nature 01 is another new point and click beach escape game made by First Escape Games. Good luck on this escape here everyone in the great outdoors!

Rob got-out from his house that day so he can have a fun adventure at the lushness of nature! On the first place he had set his eyes on, it was in a beach location which was kind of untouched but he never really knows if somebody did come by it, well obviously for there are items scattered around the sandy soil. Rob chose this place as a starter for he wants it to climax up to the very thrilling and probably dangerous so he can end this thing with a smile on his face. Well first-off however, something already happened as he walks around the place and of course, he has to face it or that can turn into a more serious problem.

That's a good start for an adventure which Rob prefers, for the problem was he got lost in that beach area he ventured into and if he doesn't find his way back soon before it gets dark, which is a ridiculous thing to happen but not at all impossible, he won't be able to make his way through the place for there are no lights there. Escape players, care to join Rob here on his first adventure in nature? Go ahead then and enjoy this one!

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