Nasty House Escape Game

Nasty House Escape

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The house Sarah got was a pretty sweet one, it doesn't have too much furniture or any complicated things, but that makes it perfect for her liking that's why she got it. But in her already week-long stay in the place however, she is starting to discover a somehow nasty secret the place has, for at times she discovers her things missing only to reappear in a different location hours or even days later! Doors would shut in random rooms on their own and for her that is not at all normal. One day however, it got worst for when Sarah was about to leave to do some errands in the city, something happened and this time it's serious.

Sarah could not open the doors in her house any longer for all seems to be mysteriously locked! How though? Is somebody playing a prank on her here? Who then and that doesn't make any sense for she doesn't know anybody close enough in the neighborhood that they would pull a prank on her. Well she quickly blame it to the weird happenings in the house which was now the only logical explanation for this. Surely she could not fix this on her own now especially that she doesn't even know what's really happening. Escape players, will you help her here so she can escape and maybe find-out then what just happened?

Nasty House Escape is another new point and click indoor escape game made by 8b Games and Games 2 Mad.

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