Narnia Aslan Escape

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Something might have happened with the wardrobe or even Narnia itself! For Aslan had now crossed through the wardrobe and is currently in the house! Lucy was the first to see this situation for her elder brothers and sister are currently away, she tried her best to talk to Aslan as she also tried to open the door of the room where the wardrobe and he is but nothing. Something seems to be jamming everything here and the only way Lucy can solve this might be to really use force on the door.

Escape players, there must be another way to solve this here, for Lucy knows that the door is sturdy and not even her brothers have the strength to really destroy it. By the time Lucy is able to open the door through sheer force, it might be already too late for the legendary Aslan. Okay then, will you help Lucy here so she can then ask Aslan what happened and why was everything so weird? Carefully then, for magic is the current enemy here, magic that could be dark and absolutely dangerous.

Narnia Aslan Escape is the newest point and click indoor rescue escape game from 8b Games.

Walkthrough video for Narnia Aslan Escape


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