Mythical Emerald Escape Game

Mythical Emerald Escape

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There was this gem which possesses formidable powers and those powers comes from nature, but it is currently in the wrong hands though and soon the wilderness where it resides will wilt for the gem must be used properly, if it continues that way then it's not just the said wilderness will be destroyed, but forests everywhere! It's an adventure which Hugo must take for he was the only person who understood what was going-on for he had lived in the forest for years, and the mythical beings there have trained him with everything they know especially the gem. Now Hugo must face the perpetrator now for a lot of things are at risk here and the emerald gem must be retaken.

Escape players this will not be easy, for Hugo will be facing magic here which might spell the end of him, but Hugo must not fail or everything will fall to the ground. Will you help Hugo here as well in this task which will obviously not be easy? Follow the path to the heart of the forest then and receive the emerald as quickly as possible, never mind the other things for when you have the gem then you'll have power as well.

Mythical Emerald Escape is a brand new point and click item retrieval wilderness escape game from Games 2 Rule.

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