Mystical Snowman Escape Game

Mystical Snowman Escape

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The mystical snowman had once again came down from the forest where he lives and approached the nearby suburban area. The snowman only does this at Christmas time when the snow is heavily falling and nobody is around the streets. He had done this before a few Christmases ago and he got into some trouble! Luckily his assistant was there and that was Harold who was the current aid of the snowman. Harold had inherited the role of taking a watchful eye of that snowman and he also received it from his father as well, that snowman needs to be guided for whenever it comes from the forest to bless the residents during the holidays, it gets in trouble. And of course it is expected that he will once again.

Harold was slowly moving behind the snowman for it was very cold and the snowman was a lot faster than him during these times. The cold was biting and then it hit him, he suddenly had a strong urge to help the snowman! And from there he doesn't feel the cold anymore. This is not good, for it can only mean one thing and that is the snowman being in trouble amongst the houses again! Escape players, imagine you are in the situation of Harold here, will you be able to rescue or potentially save that snowman from where he is in this neighborhood and quickly too?

Mystical Snowman Escape is another new point and click icy rescue escape game made by Games 2 Rule.

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