Mystical Night Forest Escape Game

Mystical Night Forest Escape

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The mysterious forest falls into darkness for it is nighttime across the land now, but as when everyone thinks the place gets serene and beautiful during those times, it is actually the opposite. The forest is serene and silent yes, but beautiful however is not for when the darkness comes, so as the dark things coming-out from which hole they come from and by then one must be indoors safe and away from such. But one night Max caught a bit of a snag and that is why he isn't home yet even when the sun had already set.

Max was in a hurry now, for he thinks something is following him and really it could be one of the darkness, but there is no other way to get home but here though so he'll just have to hurry in traversing the forest before something catches-up to him. Escape players, this escape can escalate to a chase if Max shows that he is scared of the dark, which means it can still get worst. Care to join Max here on his attempt to escape the forest before the situation gets worst?

Come and join us on this quest to escape everyone! Mystical Night Forest Escape is the newest point and click dark wilderness escape game from WoW Escape.

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