Mystical Magic Forest Escape Game

Mystical Magic Forest Escape

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There is a land that hides under the shadow of modern life, and that place is a magical forest but even so there are strange houses there scattered across the forest's illusion-filled path. Only a few is able to go in and out of that place, those people are mainly guides and they help people get across if they wanted to and or if they are lost. But one rule must be followed though when venturing into the wilderness, and that is to not touch anything, that includes not going into the strange houses there or breaking-away from his or her guide. That day a person who went there did at least two of those rules, and that resulted in him getting lost!

That said person is Roarke and he was a city-folk, now he is lost for he can't follow simple rules, he touched the vegetation there and went near in one of the houses, the last problem just manifested after that and his guide is now gone! There is no way Roarke can get himself out of there especially he has no guide anymore, but he is going to try though for he doesn't know the full capabilities of this place yet. Escape players, come and try this escape adventure with Roarke in a forest of magical illusions. See if you can make it out of there safely.

Mystical Magic Forest Escape is another new point and click wilderness escape game made by WoW Escape.

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