Mystical Jungle Escape Game

Mystical Jungle Escape

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The night before Axel slept, he read about a place from the old tomes he was researching on. As a historian, he thought he is on to something and he can't just stop or he'll lose some ideas. Axel read about this enchanted forest which had existed in the ancient times. The tome was already ancient so that means this forest is even older, but it might still be here which is likely up to this day. In the end as he read more, it still went to a dead-end and after realizing that, he decided that it is time for bed.

Axel had a good night's sleep but when he woke-up the next morning however, he found himself in a different place but it isn't just any place however, it seems to be a forest! Axel looked around and he saw stone statues and crude structures. It then came to him that he could be in the forest he read about last-night and he thought, how was this even possible? Did he got transported there by magic from the tome? Or did he travel back in time or something? Axel is absolutely amazed with the place, but this happening is very surreal and the first thing that must be done is finding a way out of there. Escape players, will you help Axel out with this? For this is really not an everyday thing to happen.

Mystical Jungle Escape is a brand new point and click wilderness escape game released by Selfdefiant.

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