Mystical Forest Escape (Selfdefiant)

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Want to escape from an outdoor setting and probably even a magical one? Try this challenge here then and may you be able to finish this with flying colors! Mystical Forest Escape is a brand new point and click wilderness escape game from Selfdefiant.

The mystical and green forest is a place Jack had been to many times and he can really confirm that the forest was indeed not a typical one than anyone can find. He could see strange and small creatures there at times but they weren’t harmful though, just annoying but he is used to that, he also knew they were fairies or probably sprites for they never really talk to him. One night Jack was sleeping deeply and peacefully in his house when suddenly, he was awoken by a bright light and there he realized that it was already morning. He never really expected to find himself in a different place though other than his bed but well, he wasn’t.

Jack found himself laying on the middle of some grassy area somewhere in the mystical forest! He knew it was “the” forest for there were giant vegetation there, but the question was why was he even here? Did he sleepwalk? Well whatever this is he must find his way back and probably find clues too which can potentially answer his confusion. Escape players, want to help Jack get back home and find-out what happened? Place yourself on his situation then and slowly make your way out of the forest.

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