Mystical Christmas Reindeer Escape Game

Mystical Christmas Reindeer Escape

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There was this strange creature in the wilderness and people have been calling it the mystical Christmas reindeer. That animal was indeed weird and absolutely real, for almost all had seen it including Pat who was a resident in the village near that forest. The deer was majestic when it runs, for colors would come out from it and it can change sizes from big to small. The people leaves that animal alone for all they know it could be the spirit of the forest or even a Christmas animal, capturing it could really end the place's wonder. But not all follows the rules though and has the heart for nature.

One day Pat was roaming around the forest and even though he was straining thanks to how thick the snow was, he still kept going for he likes winter, but thanks to his interests, that same mystical reindeer is going to be saved. Pat found a trap and what's inside it was that magical reindeer! Pat was taken aback for he was flooded with emotions, one of it was absolute pity, who would trap such a magical creature anyways? Well Pat has to do one thing here now and he knows it won't be easy.

Care to join Pat escape players as he really saves the mystical reindeer? Go ahead then and make it so, for that creature might be another herald of Christmas. Mystical Christmas Reindeer Escape is another new point and click animal rescue escape game made by Games 2 Rule.

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