Mystic Meadow Escape Game

Mystic Meadow Escape

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Your friend would be leaving the country next week and you wanted to have great memories with her before her departure. So you looked for Mystic Meadow where you both had never been to. You wanted to experience the meadow with her for the first and probably the last time in a long time. She was the one who always stuck with you when you were alone and always had a conversation ready when you meet each other. Your life had been easier and livelier with her around. However, circumstances kept you distant from each other. You spent your time on the mountains while she remained in the city. There were a couple of instances you felt awkward seeing her. But she seemed to understand that this was just your normal reaction when you don't get to meet the person often.

You felt so thankful for her that you wanted this time to be very special for both of you. You prepared some snacks and made sure that your Polaroid camera was working. The Mystic Meadow seemed to grow magical with every minute you spend here. Then it got to the point that the exit and entrance were no longer to be found. Play Mystic Meadow Escape room escape game by Selfdefiant.

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